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Janazah Certification Workshop

A Summer Intensive

When: Saturday, July 19, 10:30am – 6:30pm
Where: Dar-us-Salaam, College Park, MD

This class will cover in-depth the details of death in Islam, preparations for the funeral, the proper burial and shrouding of the dead and other topics such as preparing a wasiyyah (a will).

A Certificate of Competency will be presented upon successful completion of written test and practical exam, and qualifies one to assist with janazah preparations (washing and shrouding). Those who receive certification will be eligible to be on-call after a death and to help with the janazah.

The class is free. It will be led by Br. Safi Khan, Imam of Dar-us-Salaam. Janazah kits will be available for purchase for $60. To register, please email: janazah at LearnAboutIslam.org. Registration is required.

Please note the following important information:

1) Registration is required. If you have not registered, please send an email to janazah at LearnAboutIslam.org and include your full name along with the names of any family members you would also like to register.

2) Youth ages 14 and older are welcome to take this class. Those younger than 14 are not permitted in the class, due to the subject matter and hands-on nature of this workshop. Please make alternate arrangements.

3) Childcare is not available for this class. Please make alternate arrangements.

4) The certification exam will be offered 2-4 weeks after the workshop, in order to allow time to study. Detailed information will be sent after the class, to those who have registered. There is no charge for the exam.

5) If you would like to take the certification exam without taking the workshop, you are welcome to do so. Please email janazah at LearnAboutIslam.org to register for the exam only. Exam details will be sent to you after the class.

6) If you have any janazah-related questions in advance, please email them as soon as possible to janazah at LearnAboutIslam.org so that we can try to incorporate the most common ones in the class material.

See a listing of all Summer Intensives in earlier post here.

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